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Shout Box History
eagle: Hey guys thought id pop in and say hello, been uber busy atm, bought a house and so on and has taken way longer than expected to do up
02-08-2010 5:43:pm
Oddball: sorry not open, it is announced.
02-08-2010 12:21:pm
Oddball: Battlefield 3 beta is now open, check annoucements!
02-08-2010 8:33:am
BigDeel: Smoked 'em at Baerfield Speedway tonight. We won the 10 lap heat race and the 50 lap feature with a last lap pass for the win.
01-08-2010 1:20:am
Slayerz_Wrath: Good gaming last night!
09-07-2010 3:41:pm
Slayerz_Wrath: Anyone interested in trying to get a game in sometime this week? I will try and be on TS between 8-10pm EST.
08-07-2010 6:58:am
Oddball: Check announcements section for a link i posted on a BF:BC2 tourny on [URL]
06-07-2010 4:07:pm
Slayerz_Wrath: Have a SAFE and fun "Independence Day!"
03-07-2010 2:55:pm
BigDeel: Have a good weekend AoC.
02-07-2010 2:40:pm
BigDeel: Win 7 installed and ready to game.
30-06-2010 4:32:pm
Oddball: Selling my Video card and Monitor to anyone interested in the annoucements section.
25-06-2010 10:34:am
BigDeel: Happy Fathers Day dad's
20-06-2010 7:31:am
BigDeel: Stayed in the KoK server too long last night. Tierd today.
16-06-2010 12:44:pm
Freemandango: another earthquake.....5.7 degrees
14-06-2010 11:35:pm
Majik: Cool ...good job.
29-05-2010 6:13:pm
Oddball: Just got my terabyte external drive in. Its awesome
27-05-2010 6:23:pm
COBRRA_PILOT: really.... really Mr. President do we really have to ground ALL model aircraft in 30 mile radius when you're in Chicago for the long weekend??? really? ...bullshit
26-05-2010 8:25:am
BigDeel: That's great news Oddball
22-05-2010 7:17:am
Oddball: Doing good here, got my dream college job working on pc's for a land servicing company!
20-05-2010 5:03:pm
17-05-2010 6:48:pm
COBRRA_PILOT: all alive and well?
01-05-2010 9:27:pm
BigDeel: Hola
28-04-2010 9:38:am
27-04-2010 8:23:pm
25-04-2010 11:33:am
BigDeel: Happy Friday AoC
23-04-2010 2:33:pm
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