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Shout Box History
Freemandango: umm..RavenC has been AoC since the beginning...dunno what's the problem but w/e it is I hope that all of you can work it together
16-02-2012 4:16:pm
waylong: clan only Raven.. are you not an active member?
14-02-2012 3:52:pm
Majik: All is Good here Freeman! Could use a bailout. lol
13-02-2012 4:55:pm
Freemandango: Zup Majik how's life? Here is the same
08-02-2012 1:13:pm
Majik: Yea so Raven Waylong was probably not even paying attention to the topic he posted to. I really do not think he did it to disrespect anyone as he would not do that.
07-02-2012 8:02:pm
Majik: Black baby!!
07-02-2012 8:00:pm
BigDeel: Hello Black nice to see ya here. Let me know if you ever need teamspeak info. Or BF3 info hint hint :/
30-01-2012 3:42:pm
BigDeel: Raven sorry you felt left out of what was posted there. He is what was posted [URL]
30-01-2012 3:39:pm
BLACK: Hi guyssss miss you all
28-01-2012 12:49:am
BLACK: hahaha N1gg4 got censored lol
28-01-2012 12:45:am
BLACK: hahaha Raven u sick [censored] you havent changed
28-01-2012 12:44:am
RavenC: 4 people active here, and you need to post PB stuff in clan only???? Have fun boys, I'm outta here....
27-01-2012 7:21:pm
Majik: HEY Freeman my man!!!!
25-01-2012 9:27:pm
Freemandango: Hello Agents
24-01-2012 7:00:pm
waylong: Happy New Year peeps
02-01-2012 5:07:pm
BigDeel: Happy New Year!!
31-12-2011 11:38:am
DIR_Diver: Merry Christmas everyone
25-12-2011 2:41:pm
Majik: Merry Christmas to all!!
24-12-2011 6:40:pm
RavenC: Hiyas Free!! long time!
04-12-2011 7:55:am
Freemandango: Hello RavenC
03-12-2011 10:46:am
RavenC: wow! I don't miss that weather!
02-12-2011 9:47:am
BigDeel: First snow of the year hit here in Indiana on Tues. It was 6" and caught everyone of guard. It took me 45 minutes to get home and I only live 1 mile from work. I couldn't get to my house due to all the trafic accidents. Rookies
01-12-2011 3:14:pm
RavenC: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at AoC !!
23-11-2011 9:09:pm
Oddball: Im liking the new game...its different but I love watching people try to fly the heli and just crash straight into the ground. Skills from bf2 paying off
06-11-2011 12:24:am
BigDeel: I'm getting my butt shot up in BF3.
01-11-2011 8:42:am
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