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Shout Box History
Majik: ALL AoC check Clan only for IP change to Team Speak.
13-08-2012 8:03:pm
Majik: Colossus what a neat surprise. Sorry I have been very busy with the kids and life and such. I hope you are all well.
13-08-2012 8:01:pm
ColossusX: its so quiet here
07-08-2012 2:10:pm
waylong: hello you too
03-08-2012 4:05:am
Freemandango: Hello
31-07-2012 4:37:pm
ColossusX: just stopped in to say "Hi" glad to see some familiar names still around
27-07-2012 3:12:pm
BigDeel: I think I got One_Bald_Spot playing BF3 again.
13-07-2012 10:26:am
Optimus_Prime84: Sup!!!
23-06-2012 6:53:pm
BLACK: Hey Slayer man!!! Best to you and your family
30-05-2012 2:07:pm
Majik: Slayerz!! Good Man I am still hard making a living but check in when I can.
23-05-2012 11:50:pm
Slayerz_Wrath: Hey Guys... been a long time. Work and Family life have picked up and I have not been able to play games in at least 6 months. I try and drop by to read and see how everyone is doing. Hope everyone is doing well! Miss you y'all, be safe and play HARD! AOC for life!
18-05-2012 12:48:pm
Majik: Hey Dude!
16-04-2012 4:08:pm
BLACK: uouooooo
14-04-2012 10:19:pm
Majik: Hey Hey Hey Win!
22-03-2012 9:40:pm
windaddiction: muhahah hey all how goes the gaming, just checking in to say hi!
28-02-2012 6:52:pm
Busta_bus: majik, glad to see the faithful have kept AoC going. Sorry I've been MIA for so long. Looking to get my PC back up and running again. Hope to jump back in with all of you sometime soon.
24-02-2012 9:21:am
Majik: Busta hey man I am so glad to see you are still out there!!
24-02-2012 12:28:am
Busta_bus: Prime, so harsh. I still know how to use a keyboard and mouse even though I'm used toa controller now.
22-02-2012 10:38:pm
Optimus_Prime84: 360/console people would get owned by PC people. Plus I wouldn't be able to handle all the 12 year olds!
22-02-2012 11:14:am
Busta_bus: It's a shame that PC and 360 can't play on the same servers. It'd be great to to run you all over in a tank again. I just may have to get BF3 for my PC. Assuming my horrible excuse for a gaming PC can handle it.
19-02-2012 6:52:pm
Freemandango: no need to apologize friend, just don't think with your stomach and stay with AoC, you are a good guy
19-02-2012 1:03:am
waylong: i apologize to the AoC as a whole Freemandango personally Raven who did what i would have done myself Majik my sponser for my outburst (doing the shuffle here)
18-02-2012 10:22:am
Freemandango: then why are you leaving? I thought this is a group of mature people who are willing to solve almost everyday problem
17-02-2012 10:50:am
waylong: got it Free and i see your point and understand your concern before this turns into a pissing contest over the statis of Raven let me turn in my jacket and tags thank you all for several years of friendship and giggles
16-02-2012 10:45:pm
waylong: nothing to work out
16-02-2012 10:40:pm
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