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Agents of Chaos - Rules of the BF2 Servers.

1. Respect All players - All players of all skill levels are welcome on our server. But, we will not tolerate disrespect of anyone by any player on our server. It's just a game. Play nice.
2. No Foul Language - Any instance of cursing, sexual inuendo, etc. violates this rule. Keep it PG folks, we have kids playing.
3. No TeamKilling - There is no excuse for blatant killing of your teammates. You know when it was an accident, and that is no problem. This is for those who vent frustration or get their kicks by constantly annihilating their team members or just to get a vehicle.
4. Commanders! - If you are commanding you are required to command. NO VEHICLES!!
5. No ramming aircraft - There are accidents and those are fine. If you make to much of a habbit of ramming other aircraft you will be shown the way out.
6. No accusations - Calling ANY other players a hack or cheat will get you banned. Our server is a streaming server and always running the most up to date anti-cheat config. Calling out other ppl serve's to do nothing but cause drama. If you insist on doing it you will banned.
8. Uncappable Base Raping - Uncappable flags are not to be attacked. This excludes Spec Op's. While in the base Spec Op's can defend themselv's to perform thier job. Once the job is done you are required to leave the base. Camping the base and killing ppl will get you kicked.

These are the rules we play by. If someone is violating them, we will give a written warning in game. In any subsequent violations will result in a ban. From there you will have log into our forum and plead your case in the Banned from our server thread.

AoC Clan Member Code of Conduct

1. There is to be no foul language on server or on Teamspeak. No Exceptions.
2. Trash talking or player bashing is prohibited on any server, not just ours. We pride ourselves on being good sports. Berating other players reflects poorly on us as a clan.
3. Any use of hacks, cheats, glitches, stat padding or other suspect practices will result in an automatic ejection from the clan. No excuses. There are no accidents invlolved in loading them. You cannot innocently load a hack. These are concsious decisions you make that take away from our anti-cheat image and will not be tolerated to any degree. Enough Said.

If you feel that you cannot abide by these rules of conduct submit your resignation to Majik. There will be no hard feelings and we will not harbor any ill will toward you. If you are caught breaking our code, you will dismissed without a second thought.

~AoC~ Clan
Rules & Code of Conduct
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· 3: BF2 Patch 1.41
· 4: Project Reality (CORE)
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· 6: COD4 Patch 1.6
· 7: Project Reality (LEVELS)
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· 9: Desktop Ruler
· 10: Modern Rcon v0.7

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